The Social Media Examiner issued their free 3rd annual report after surveying over 3300 industry marketers. Yep your guessed it. Social media marketing is getting bigger and is gaining more of an impact in how we should market our goods, services, and websites.

Social media is changing how we should market our internet “voice” or “brand”. Having just a static website just isn’t cutting it though the internet “noise” anymore. We need active and dynamic blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, and Linked accounts. The study said these four social media types are still in the top 4 of social media sites. BTW, you should not just “advertise” in your social media messaging. You need to interact too!

The study went on to say – A significant 88% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses. Improving traffic and subscribers was the second major benefit, with 72% reporting positive results. Nearly two-thirds of marketers indicated a rise in search engine rankings was a benefit of social media marketing. Slightly more than half of marketers found social media generated qualified leads.

Who’s got the time for social media marketing? We need to figure out how to balance our time and devote are larger share of our time using social media mediums as a key marketing tool. Outsourcing to other marketers who are now becoming “social media specialists” has doubled in the last year.

So, it’s time to create a Facebook page, create a Twitter and Linked In account and don’t forget to blog!

Are you using social media to market your business or are you just using Facebook or Twitter for fun?

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